Dress Code


  • Any color Leotard, pink tan or black tights
  • Dance tanks or Camis with Dance shorts or pants
  • MONDAY Ballet MUST wear a leotard: pink, tan or black tights


  • White T-shirt
  • Sport shorts, No Jeans


  • Leotard any color
  • Tank shirts, spandex type shorts
  • No Loose fitting Clothing
  • Bare Feet

No Street Clothes in any Class at any Time


All hair needs to be secured before a student enters the dance room.

Ponytail, Braid or Bun  


Ballet is required for all Jazz & Lyrical Students age 5 & up


3-4 year olds- pink ballet shoes OR foot Undeez

5 & up - foot undies or Pirouettes for lyrical & jazz

7 & up - sneakers for hip hop but not the ones you wear everyday

gymnastics - bare feet

ballet-pink ballet shoes

There are other styles of shoes you may be required to purchase.


Paid in 4-9week Quarters

  • Late payments charged a $20.00 Fee
  • Returned Checks charged a $30.00 Fee 
  • No Refunds
  • Students who miss class are able and encouraged to take a make-up class


Dance Expressions reserves the right to dismiss any student from the studio who does not abide by our policies or is disruptive or is disrespectful to the students and/or staff of Dance Expressions.