Program Overview


Tot Class- Designed to encourage exploration. 

3-4 Year Old Combo Class – 1 hour long , 20 minutes of creative movement or tap,  20 minutes ballet, 20 minutes gymnastics.  Students are learning a foundation in basic skills.  These students are invited to perform 1 dance routine in the end of the year performance.

Basic Program 5 years and up  – 30 minute and 45 minute classes in ballet, lyrical, jazz and hip hop are offered.  The program starts off with a basic foundation and helps advance them to a stronger technical background.  All students interested in jazz must take a ballet class.

Competition Program -  Dancers 7 & up are accepted by audition only. 6 & under are selected. Dancers must be dedicated to dance, have a highly motivated work ethic and be supported emotionally and financially by their parents. Dancers are put on specific teams and meet at specific times. Attendance to class is mandatory.  Most teams compete routines in Lyrical, Jazz and Hip Hop. There are 5 Regional Competitions and 1 Possible National.


All class sizes are limited for safety reasons!

3-4 Year old acro – Students will be working on basic skills such as front rolls and taking weight on their arms, as well as jumping on the mini-trampoline.

5-6 Year Olds and Beg I – Students are working on Cartwheels, handstands , round- offs and backbends.

Beg II – Students are working on Back- walkovers, Front –walkovers and beginning technique of Back handsprings.

Advanced- Backhand springs, Round-off Back-Handspring, Back tuck, side aerials

Acro Competition Team – Audition Required Please contact if interested

Performance Opportunities

The End of Year Performance is our June Performance in which we encourage all students to Participate!