Team Information






Black Leggings and Black Booty Shorts

Black Jazz Shoes

Red Lips, Hair Half up Half Down TEASED 

Team 1

Jazz- Pink & Black Costume,Rhinestone fishnets, Black Jazz shoes, pony 

Lyrical- Black Dress,Black Booty shorts underneath, no tights, pirouettes, tight donut bun with braid, red lips

Hip Hop- red & black costume, combat boots, contacts, hair faux hawk if time permits if not half up half down, red lips

Contemporary- costume

Team 2

Jazz- Blue Costume,Rhinestone fishnets, Black Jazz shoes, hair pony 

Lyrical- Teal costume, tan tights pirouette tight donut bun with braid

Hip Hop- Buy Red Flannel, black leggings, black top, combat boots, red lips hair faux hawk if time permits if not half up half down

Contemporary-  Black Leotard Black Booty Shorts and mesh Dress kelly Nude... Pirouettes, tan tights

Team 3 

 Jazz- Pink & Black Costume,Rhinestone fishnets, Black Jazz shoes, hair Pony

Lyrical/Open- purple and teal costume, tan tights, piouettes, donut bun with braid

Hip Hop- red & Black Pants Black top, combat boots... hair 

Contemporary - White costume, nude panties, tan tights, pirouettes, donut with braid

Team 4 

Jazz/Open-  Black & Silver Costume, tan Tights foot undeez,,, hair faux hawk.... make up purple with gems

Lyrical - Pink Costume, Tan tights foot undeez.. Donut Bun with braid 

Acro Team 

Ladies - Red & Black Costume ,Rhinestone fishnets, Black Jazz shoes, Hair LOW pony for HAT

Dalton  Red & Black Costume, black jazz shoes