Team Information



Eye Makeup is the Same for All dances unless you were Told something different

Brown and Pink eyes

Eyelashes no rhinestones

Black Mascara 






Black Leggings and Black Booty Shorts

Black Jazz Shoes

Red Lips, Hair Half up Half Down TEASED 


Team 1

Jazz- Pink & Black Costume,Rhinestone fishnets, Black Jazz shoes, bun/braid..Earrings

Lyrical- Black Dress,Black Booty shorts underneath, no tights, pirouettes, tight donut bun with braid, red lips....Earrings

Hip Hop- red & black costume, combat boots, contacts, hair faux hawk if time permits if not half up half down, red lips.....No Earrings

Contemporary- costume, rasin lips, bun braid....Earrings

Team 2

Jazz- Blue Costume,Rhinestone fishnets, Black Jazz shoes, hair pony, raisin lips ....Earrings

Lyrical- Teal costume, tan tights ,pirouette ,tight donut bun with braid, raisin lips.....Earrings

Hip Hop- Buy Red Flannel, black leggings, black top, combat boots, red lips hair faux hawk if time permits if not half up half down.... Hoop Earrings

Contemporary-  Black Leotard Black Booty Shorts and mesh Dress kelly Nude... Pirouettes, tan tights, raisin lips, bun braid.....No Earrings

Team 3 

 Jazz- Pink & Black Costume,Rhinestone fishnets, Black Jazz shoes, hair Pony, raisin lips....Earrings

Lyrical/Open- purple and teal costume, tan tights, piouettes, donut bun with braid, raisin lips.....Earrings

Hip Hop- red & Black Pants Black top, combat boots, raisin lips... hair faux hawk ...Hoop Earrings


Contemporary - White costume, nude panties, tan tights, pirouettes, donut with braid, raisin lips 

Team 4 

Jazz/Open-  Black & Silver Costume, tan Tights foot undeez,,, hair faux hawk.... make up purple with gems...Earrings

Lyrical - Pink Costume, Tan tights foot undeez.. Donut Bun with braid , raisin lips .....Earrings

Acro Team 

Ladies - Red & Black Costume ,Rhinestone fishnets, Black Jazz shoes, Hair LOW pony for HAT, red lips....Small Earrings

Dalton  Red & Black Costume, black jazz shoes