Competition Results

2017 Competitions

Backstage: Margate 

Miss Backstage 6 & under: Lily Clair  

Miss Backstage 7-8: Rylie Halter

Miss Backstage 9-10: Brook Grova

Miss Backstage 11-12: Kamryn Curry

Miss Backstage 13-14: Lindsay Halter

Miss Backstage 15-16: Ashlynn Widger

Miss Backstage 17-18: Kaitlin Passaro

Backstage Challenge Winner: We Rock 

Man in Motion Scholarship Award: Kaitlin Passaro 

Top 10 Highest Scoring Routines of Entire Competition: 

1 We Rock

2 Piece by Piece

3 Black Cat

4 (tie) Missy Mix, Love Runs Out

5 We Dont have to

6 Rivers and Roads

7 (tie) Never Let me Go, Last Love Song

8 Beware what lies inside

9 Bitter Earth

10 Freakum Dress

Cash Awards:

Black Cat, Rivers and Roads, Piece by Piece, We Rock

Gift Certificate: Take it to the Floor

Special Awards:

Angels are Calling- Stunning

Savanna Gandy- Beautiful Extensions

Take it to the floor- Dance Attitude

Lily Clair- Grace & Beauty

Rylie Halter- Super Sharp

Prop Dads- Special Award

Piece by Piece- WOW

Lindsay Halter- Intriguing & Intense

Madison Clair- Fierce Focus 

All again- Stunning

Rebkah Muhs- Crazy Control

Rivers and Roads- Kleenex award

Word Up- Terrific Technique

You Rock-  We Rock

Outtta yo Mind- Fabulous Formations

Dalton Walsh- Passion Award 

Performance Team Invites:

Sierra Sakaguchi, Alyssa Aldana, Madison Flitcraft, Brook Grova, Ava Dilks, Kaitlin Passaro, Arianna DePasquale, Sarah Muhs, Catie Rowe, Ashlynn Widger, Emily Pannullo

Broadway Dance Center Scholarships: Alyssa Aldana, Savanna Gandy, Brook Grova, Lindsay Halter, Madison Clair, Rebekah Muhs, Dalton Walsh, Kaitlin Passaro, Ashlynn Widger

Hollywood Summer Tour: Rebekah Muhs

VIP Awards Best Choreography: Piece by Piece- Miss Lindsey Rhoades 

Photogenic runner Up- Paige Johnson 

Photogenic Winner- Samantha Farnkopf

Adjudication, Category & Overall  


Take it to the floor- High Gold, 4th Overall 10 & under

Angels are Calling- Platinum, 2nd Overall 10 & under

Werk- High Gold, 3rd Overall 10 & under

Neverland- Platinum, 1st in category, 1st Overall 10 & under

Word Up= Platinum, 1st in category 8th Overall 11-14

Outta yo Mind- Platinum 7th Overall 11-14

Skinny Love- Platinum, 2nd Overall 11-14

All Again- Platinum, 1st in category, 1st OverAll 11-14

All that Jazz- Platinum, 3rd Overall 11-14 

Monsters- Platinum, 1st in category, 4th Overall 15-19

Wikked Little girls-Platinum, 3rd Overall 15-19

We Dont have to- High Platinum, 2nd Overall 15-19

Piece by Piece- High Platinum, 1st in Category, 1st Overall 15-19

WE Rock - High Platinum 1st Place Production

Sierra Sakaguchi-jazz- Platinum, 7th Overall 10 & under

Sierra Sakaguchi-lyrical- Platinum, 2nd in category, 3rd Overall 10 & Under

Rylie Halter- Platinum, 1st in category, 6th Overall 10 & under

Alyssa Aldana- Platinum, 1st in Category, 4th Overall 10 & under

Phoebe Ogbin- High Gold, 1st in category, 8th Overall 10 & under

Brook Grova- Platinum, 1st in category, 1st Overall 10 & under

Sarah Whalen- Platinum, 1st in category, 2nd Overall 10 & under

Kamryn Curry-lyrical- Platinum, 9th Overall 11-14

Kamryn Curry-open- Platinum,1st in category, 2nd Overall 11-14

Madison Flitcraft- Platinum, 1st in Category, 4th Overall 11-14

Lexy Weber- Platinum, 2nd in category, 5th Overall 11-14 

Lindsay Halter- Platinum, 1st in category, 1st Overall 11-14

Madison Clair- Platinum, 2nd in category, 6th Overall 11-14

Ava Dilks- Platinum, 3rd in category, 7th Overall 11-14

Chloe Hild- Platinum, 10th Overall 11-14

Dalton Walsh: Platinum, 2nd in category

Rebekah Muhs-contemporary- High Platinum, 1st in category, 6th Overall 15-19

Rebekah Muhs-jazz- High Platinum, 2nd in category, 5th Overall 15-19

Arianna DePasquale- Platinum, 2nd in category

Sierra Pagan- Platinum, 2nd in category

Kaitlin Passaro-contemporary- Platinum, 1st in category, 10 Overall 15-19

Kaitlin Passaro-hiphop- High Platinum, 2nd(tie) Overall 15-19

Ashlynn Widger- jazz- High Platinum, 1st in Category, 1st Overall 15-19

Aslynn Widger- lyrical- High Platinum, 1st in Category, 3rd(tie) Overall 15-19

Emily Pannullo- Platinum, 3rd in category, 7th Overall 15-19

Noelle Vandersteur- Platinum, 3rd in category

Catie Rowe- Platinum

Kelly Passaro- High Platinum, 1st in category, 4th Overall 15-19

Sarah Muhs- High Platinum, 3rd(tie) Overall 15-19

Samantha Disbrow- High Platinum, 1st in category, 2nd(tie) Overall 15-19  





River- Platinum, 1st Overall 10 & under 

Grace- Platinum, 2nd Overall 11-14

Beware what Lies Inside- High Platinum, 1st Overall 11-14 

Without You- Platinum, 3rd Overall 15-19

Freakum Dress- High Platinum, 2nd Overall 15-19

Rivers and Roads- High Platinum, 1st Overall 15-19 

Intermediate Level

Georgia Wilson- High Gold, 1st Overall 10 & under

Savanna Gandy- High Gold, 1st in category, 2nd Overall 10 & under

Sydney Krough- Platinum, 1st in Category, 5th Overall 11-14

Mya Verdechio- High Gold, 2nd in category

Gianna Starr- High Gold, 1st in Category

Paige Johnson- Platinum, 1st in Category, 3rd Overall 11-14

Carly Weaver- High Gold. 3rd in Category

Savannah Sakaguchi- High Gold

Madison Freas- High Gold 

Beginner level 

Lily Clair- High Gold, 1st Place, 2nd Overall 10 & under  


 Backstage: TimberCreek

Wow Out of this World- Special Award: Martian Hop 

Beginner Level 

I want to hold your hand - Platinum, 1st Place Overall 10 & Under Group

Martian Hop- Platinum, 2nd Place Overall 10 & under Group 

Entertainment Award ALL 10& under Groups: Martain Hop 


That's Entertainment

Highest Scoring Jr Routine of the Day: Madison Flitcraft

Highest Scoring Sr Routine of the Day: Rebekah Muhs-Landslide 

TE Elite Team:

Madison Flitcraft, Sierra Sakaguchi, Sarah Whalen, Kelly Passaro, Sarah Muhs, Rebekah Muhs

Choreography Award: Never let me Go

High Five Award, Dynamic Duo: Rivers and Roads

Jr Title Award:

2nd Kamryn Curry

Title: Madison Flitcraft

Sr Title Award:

3rd Rebekah Muhs- Hip Shakin Momma

2nd Never Let Me Go- Sarah Muhs 

 Title Rebekah Muhs- Landslide

All Star Jr Top 5 Solos

5th Kamryn Curry

4th Brook Grova

3rd Sarah Whalen

2nd Sierra Sakaguchi

1st Madison Flitcraft


 Shooting Star Jr Top 5 solos

5th Gianna Starr

4th Savannah Sakaguchi

3rd Georgia Wilson

2nd Savanna Gandy


All Star Sr Top 5 solos

5th Ashlynn Widger

4th Kelly Passaro

3rd Rebekah Muhs- Jazz

2nd Sarah Muhs

1st Rebekah Muhs- Contemporary


Shooting Star Sr Top 5 solos 

4th Sydney Krough


Adjudicated Scores:

All Stars

Rivers and Roads- 1st place Platinum

River- 1st Place Solid Gold +

Freakum Dress- 1st Place Platinum

Grace- Platinum

Chloe Hild- 2nd place Solid Gold +

Kelly Passaro- 1st Place Platinum

Sierra Sakaguchi- jazz- 1st place Solid Gold +

Ashlynn Widger 1st Place Platinum

Sarah Muhs- 1st Place Platinum

Rebekah Muhs- Contemporary-1st place Platinum

Rebekah Muhs- Jazz- 1st Place Platinum

Madison Flitcraft- 1st Place Platinum

Kamryn Curry- 1st Place Platinum

Tears of an angel- 1st Place Platinum

Sarah Whalen- 2bd Place Platinum

Brook Grova- 1st Place Platinum

Shooting Stars

Gianna Starr- Solid Gold +

Somethings Got a hold on me-2nd Place Solid Gold +

Georgia Wilson- 1st Place Solid Gold +

Savannah Sakaguchi- 2nd Place Solid Gold + 

Savanna Gandy- 1st Place Solid Gold +

Madison Freas- 1st Place Solid Gold +